Everyone has a story…
To Me Love Me began how I imagine many start-up’s do; through a conversation with my girlfriends and the apparent need and desire for something we were sorely missing.

The topic of discussion was fashion and our ongoing issues relating to online shopping.

The problem was not finding apparel online, the main point of contention was finding fashionable clothing that fitted and flattered, which reflected our personalities and complemented our lifestyles.

Like all brands, each of us is unique, our bodies being no exception. Although sizes should allegedly fit what we found was, our purchases were arriving too large or too small and the online experience was at best, generic. What should have been a fun experience of self-expression and reward “To Me Love Me” was ultimately causing endless frustration, disappointments and subsequent returns.

Being results orientated individuals, it was only natural to put ourselves in the e-tailers shoes and see how our behaviour was impacting their business’. What we found was absolutely astonishing.


Global apparel eCommerce is forecast to reach $706 billion by 2022.

50% of e-tailers report a 40% return rate, the #1 reason being incorrect fit.

This translates to a $282 billion problem.

Add to that, 80% of first time users who experience a return NEVER shop that site again.


 So we asked ourselves, what if we could …

  • Minimise sizing guesswork to improve fit & lower returns
  • Personalise online shopping by shape, size and style to increase sales
  • Improve brand loyalty to encourage more purchases, more often

Although our journey began with a personal need, we created To Me Love Me technology because we believe there is a better way for e-tailers and their customers to engage.

“Our mission is and has always been, to create a high performance product that simplifies complex problems and enriches experiences for all involved."